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Anne and Kathy Christensen...trolls had taken over our room

My first pattern was for Trolls and they were quite appreciative :)


Light Heart Arts About Artist

Anne C. Jacobson

...My creative story started with Trolls...

My love of the visual arts and all things creative ( and often small) began with making Troll clothes.  My sister, Kathy, and I had a Troll village in our bedroom and every Troll needed clothes, beds, pets, food (usually a pink eraser cut like meat), pets and their own little felt stuffed animals. I still have the Trolls in an old Girl Scout cookie sales box (I am the sentimental type) and can still remember a few of their names. Did any of you play with trolls? Barbies? little eraser animals... back in the 60's? Our trolls ate pink erasers as ham and even had genealogies.  Thinking up something fun and new has always been a joy.  Cheerful colors, uplifting messages and whimsical designs are my favorites. I absolutely love all forms of the visual arts.  

I was born in Massachusetts and have lived in California, Pennsylvania, Michigan and now the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Clothing and Textiles. My husband Jeff and I have 6 children and (currently) 5 grandchildren and that is a joy! Now they are grown I have time to be the owner, creative director, manager, sheep wardrobe planner(haha), photographer...and everything else of Light Heart Arts.Doing it yourself has its downside (especially the tech side) but...I am thankful for the opportunity to learn something new- even by trial and error (lots of the latter)! It's a wonderful life!

The Family Hangout Wall Hanging has been many years in the making but I have enjoyed promoting families and creativity at the same time. As I create the whimsical Family Hangings I am filled with appreciation for my family and for all families, worldwide, who are trying to share their love, and God's, with their children. Families are forever. Thanks to my mom and my sisters (Kathy and Jennie) for so much creative fun.