A parade of pets made from the "Family Cat & Dog" pattern:

Light (top),Medium(left) and dark (right) skin tone 

The Jacobson Family Hangout 2000...slightly smaller scale. I had so much fun personalizing them! 

The original "Family Hanging" made in 1976 by my sister Kathy and me as a Christmas present for our parents.  Our sister Jennie later helped with ideas for the "Family Hangout" patterns and stuffed figures.

The "Family Hangout" is a whimsical personalized wall hanging that makes family the centerpiece! The figures come, pre-made, in 8 sizes and 3 skin tones or you can sew your own using the new pattern: "Basic Family Hangout Figures in 8 sizes".  Each Family Hangout pattern provides you with complete instructions to dress, accessorize and finish one (or in some cases two) size of figures. With the Family Cat & Dog pattern you can make your breed and size of pet. Figure sizes are Adult Male, Adult Female, Teen, Youth, Child, Small Child, Toddler and Baby. See the chart at the left for finger to toe dimensions.  Babies are in a front carrier while Toddlers can choose between front carrier or shoulder sitting. The Small Child can be a shoulder sitter if desired.

Create your own one-of-a-kind work of art. It will be a family treasure!  Additional instructions onYouTube at the "Light Heart Arts creative sewing patterns" channel.
      (see 3 parts of introductory videos above)

 Light H



Make your own figures in all 8 sizes :

Basic Family Hangout Figures in 8 Sizes‚Äč LHA138